S Magazine (Denmark)
Issues 7–10

Design Direction & Typography:
Simon Arnoldi & Ryan Belmont

S Magazine is a photographic / art / illustration journal with an open attitude to it’s subject matter. Allowing contributers to exhibit more provocative personal work with little censorship. Each issue is contributed, for no fee, by respected names such as Rankin, Warwick Saint, Jonathon Ellery, and included editorial features with Juliette Lewis, Lykke Li and Anthony & The Johnsons.

Tasked with re-designing issues 7, and continuing until issue 10, we approached each contribution with respect, presenting the images in full with pace and space to breath. The editorial and typography becoming part of a smart, stripped back ‘invisible’ framework. With breakout typographic ‘sculptures’ on each title page.

See Banjosea typeface layouts.

© Copyright 2017 Simon Arnoldi