Land Securities
Annual Report 2011

Art & photography Direction:
SAS / Al Baird & Simon Arnoldi
Design Direction: Simon Arnoldi
Digital: Stuart Wakeford
Photography: Lee Mawsdley

Land Securities are a FTSE 100 company, and the largest real estate investment trust in the UK. They are also leaders in annual reporting  and the reports won a number of industry awards.

2011 saw the company coming out of the nervousness of recession, and the starting up of construction on many sites, after being put on hold. Shot by Lee Mawdsley on large format camera, this report focused on capturing a snapshot of these large scale projects from various unusual perspectives. Including the view of St Paul’s from One New Change’s roof top, and a gigantic hole in the ground A loving design touch was then applied to the rest of the 240+ pages.

© Copyright 2017 Simon Arnoldi