Farmfest 2016
Identity & Design

Art direction & Design: Simon Arnoldi
Illustration: Rachel Antonio

Farmfest is a Somerset based music festival with super down to earth easiness and a happy-go-lucky crowd of all ages, with an eclectic line-up to boot.

From it's inception, Farmfest had been playing off it's simplistic name and locality (see Farmfest 2011-13). In 2016, we moved the identity away from farm based fun, to a move stylish take on West Country wildlife. Indigenous birds took centre stage as we concentrated on the feeling of freedom they evoke – inline with the festival's atmosphere. The design was influenced by the screen printing process, printed using just 2 colours + black. The cyan and magenta being overlaid to create a 3rd dark blue colour for the palette.

© Copyright 2017 Simon Arnoldi